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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Very Proud Parent!

Becky got her exam results. She took her GCSE's a year early as she is one of the brighter ones at school.
She got: Maths - B grade
Food Technology - A grade
Physical Ed - C grade
Expressive Arts - C grade
Geography - C grade
Additional Science - B grade
She did get a 'D' in French but we aren't worried about that one!

I am very proud of her and hope she continues the hard work when she does her A levels.
Her job ideas change frequently so I'm still not sure what she is working towards, but at the moment she wants to be a midwife. That may change next month tho!

I have the keys to my shop now. We have spent the past 2 weeks decorating and are now down to the last 2 sheets of wallpaper to do. I have got to get some more as we ran out just before we finished!
The electric goes on tomorrow, I hope! That's a long story!
Carpet goes down on Friday so we will be left with just the fittings to do - more stands, curtains, counters etc, all the fiddly its!
There is so much to get and I keep thinking of other things to get that we have forgotten.

If all goes to plan, we are planning the grand opening on 6th September but we still may put that back a week. Will keep you posted.

Not much other news really. Just been working hard on the shop. It's almost like I'm working full-time again! But not getting paid for it! Just want to get open and have an income after all this time without!


At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to my text then?!! ;-)

Well done Bex -

Jenny & Chris xx


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